• Animal Shelters

  • Horse Shelters

    Run-in shelters, shedrow barns, tack rooms, and combos are all available at Shed Stop. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something complex, we have it all. We also offer a large range of equestrian furniture for your tack room. Contact us TODAY to find out your available options. Horse shelters are typically Tongue and groove but can also be done in Duratemp or B&B.

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    Chicken Coops

    Chicken coops are buildings specialized to meet your needs when it comes to sheltering your chickens from the weather and predators. Our chicken coops are built to the same high-quality as our sheds and include: a heavy-gauge wire vent to prevent varmints from getting in, locking doors, windows, easy access laying boxes, and pressure treated cribbing or tires to keep them off the ground. Your chicken coop can be sided in Duratemp, vinyl, or B&B.

    Call: 518-639-3055

    Dog Kennels and Dog Houses

    Dog kennels or dog houses are a great way to give your pet their own room. Our kennels and dog houses are built with the same quality as our sheds and are great for keeping your pet out of the rain, snow, and sun. Your dog kennel or dog house can be sided in Duratemp, vinyl, or B&B.

    Call: 518-639-3055
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